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This, That and the OTHER

Updated: Mar 25

19 March 2023

Set Fire to Flames, Yoo Doo Right, Astral Magic, The Psychedelic Freaks, Porcupine Tree, Flowers Must Die, Zopp, Craig Fortnam, Julian Cope, Mugstar, Omega Institute, Streamweaver

Intro - Other

Set Fire to Flames - Sleep Maps

Yoo Doo Right - The Moral Compass of a Self-Driving Car

Astral Magic - The Archons

The Psychedelic Freaks - The Next Level

Porcupine Tree - No Reason To Live, No Reason To Die

Flowers Must Die - After Gong

Zopp - Toxicity

Craig Fortnam - Managed Decline on the Orford Ness

Julian Cope - Reynard In Tokio

Mugstar - Star Cage

Omega Institute - Branches And Loops

Streamweaver - Spring Loops

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