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Progressive Leanings 1973 (17)

Part 17 at our look at Progressive Rock Music from 1973

Tomorrow's Gift - Der Geier Fliegt Vorbei from Goodbye Future

Ariel - Garden of the Frenzied Cortinas from A Strange Fantastic Dream

Man - Back Into The Future from Back Into the Future

Novalis - Laughing from Banished Bridge

Earth and Fire - Atlantis from Atlantis

Gryphon - The Astrologer from Gryphon

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Dream from Between Nothingness & Eternity

Rick Wakeman - Catherine Howard from The Six Wives Of Henry VIII

Camel - Arubaluba from Camel

Curved Air - Armin from Air Cut

Passport - Hand Made from Hand Made

Henry Cow - Teenbeat from The Henry Cow Legend

Hiromasa Suzuki - シルクロード from Rock Joint Cither – Silk Road

Puppenhaus - Swingende Elefantenkompanie from Jazz Macht Spazz

Progressive Leanings archive HERE

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