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Mixed Bag Session

11 April 2023


Iku Sakan - Irradiation Loops from Prism In Us All, Japan Blues, 2017

Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome (Eluvium Mix) from All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, Bella Union, 2007

Michel Portal - For My Mother from Our Meanings And Our Feelings, 1969

Xordox - Sheep Delta from Neospection, Editions Mego, 2017

Bengt Berger & Bitter Funeral Beer Band - Dar-Kpen Gan Da Yina from Praise Drumming, 1987

Pram - The Silk Road from The Moving Frontier, 2007

Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt - Aquamarine from Summer Into Winter, Cherry Red, 1982

Astral Sounds - Glider from Kaleidoscope, Music De Wolfe, 1978

Ron Geesin - Concrete Line Up from A Raise of Eyebrows, 1967

The Family of Apostolic - Bubbling Brook from The Family Of Apostolic, 1968

Gaby Kerpel - Sé Que No Vas A Volver from Carnabailito, Nonesuch, 2003

Ornette Coleman - Law Years from Science Fiction, 1972

Jac Berrocal - Chiroptera from Exterior Lux, 2020

原マスミ Masumi Hara - My Golden Hour from 夢の4倍 (4 X A Dream), Numero Group, 1984/2020

Christina Chatfield - Nameless Islet from Sutro, Mysteries of the Deep, 2021

David Tibet & Steven Stapleton - I Left Her For A Cartoon Octopus from Octopus, Durtro, 1998

Iannis Xenakis - Les Eumenides from Oresteia, 1970

Michael Kiwanuka - I'm Getting Ready from Home Again, 2012

Cornelius - Star Fruits Surf Rider from Fantasma, 1997

The Gaye Device - Visit Beautiful Oblivion from Structures, Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2021

Mixed Bag Session archive HERE

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