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Mixed Bag Murmurs 044

Updated: Jun 26

Electro-Acoustic and Experimental Music Podcast

Tracks from:::

Strië & Scanner, Manuel Mota, Bit Cloudy. Lau Nau, Aria Rostami, Golden Temaki, Dead Melodies, Max Würden, The Remakquels


Strië & Scanner - Woman and the Cosmos from Struktura Revisited, 2022

Manuel Mota - folha 19 from XIX, 2023

Bit Cloudy - Only Liberty from History Will Be Kind, 2023

Lau Nau - Pleomothra from 5 x 4, 2023

Aria Rostami - A Dream In Hibernation from PSALM012: Allegory, 2023

Golden Temaki - Bipolar God from Trapdoors, 2023

Dead Melodies - Blind Hunger from Murken Hollow, 2022

Max Würden - Convergence from Landmark, 2023

Golden Temaki - The Scarecrow Sings At Night from Trapdoors, 2023

The Remakquels - Body Keeps The Score from Lost Wisdom, 2023

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