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Memory Lane 278

Show first broadcast on: Mad Wasp Radio 8th March 2023

Jim Sullivan - Roll Back The Time from U.F.O., 1969

Cher - I Will Wait For You from With Love, 1967

If - Fibonacci's Number from If 3, 1971

Cream - Blue Condition from Disraeli Gears, 1967

Giant Crab - Hot Line Conversation from A Giant Crab Comes Forth, 1968

Roberta Flack - Do What You Gotta Do from Chapter Two, 1970

Joni Mitchell - Electricity from For The Roses, 1972

Margo Guryan - Thoughts from Take A Picture, 1968

Roy Harper - Sgt. Sunshine from Folkjokeopus, 1969

Waterloo - Guy in the Neighbourhood from First Battle, 1970

Led Zeppelin - Gallows Pole from Led Zeppelin III, 1970

Steppenwolf - Skullduggery from Skullduggery, 1976

Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died from Paper Face, 1974

The Sweet - Poppa Joe from 7" Single, 1972

The Little Boy Blues - Dream Weaver / Seed of Love from In The Woodland Of Weir, 1968


Mad Wasp Radio is the home to Memory Lane and is currently aired every Wednesday 6-7PM UK time, repeated on Monday 8-9AM UK time

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