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Memory Lane 276

Updated: Apr 6

Show first broadcast on: Mad Wasp Radio 22nd February 2023

SMALL FACES - Song of A Baker from Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake, 1968

ASHTON, GARDNER & DYKE - Maiden Voyage from Ashton, Gardner & Dyke, 1970

ELVIS PRESLEY - In The Ghetto from 7" Single, 1969

BE-BOP DELUXE - Love Is Swift Arrows from Axe Victim, 1974

MINNIE RIPERTON - Take A Little Trip from Perfect Angel, 1974

LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Things Goin' On from Skynyrd's First And... Last, 1978

ARMAGEDDON - Buzzard from Armageddon, 1975

WINGS - Mary Had A Little Lamb from Red Rose Speedway, 1973

BUZZCOCKS - What Do I Get? from 7" Single, 1978

LED ZEPPELIN - The Ocean from Houses Of The Holy, 1973

JOHN LENNON - John Sinclair from Some Time In New York City, 1972

FRANK ZAPPA - Willie The Pimp from Hot Rats, 1969

REMINDERMad Wasp Radio is the home to Memory Lane and is currently aired every Wednesday 6-7PM UK time & repeated on Monday 8-9AM UK time

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